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AKRO "SPECIAL" SHOOTER: MINT-minus with some very fine surface scratches and 2 moons. A smallish shooter at 11/16+. A highly unusual visual quality to this one. It's sexy. (est mkt value $120) (SOLD)($90)

AKRO(?)/ POPEYE(?) SHOOTER: "CHRISTMAS TREE" -style 3/4+. FINE condition with approx 6 pin pricks. Here's a rare beauty that is very clear inside It also has lots of little bubbles inside which are not very evident on the surface or at first glance. The red and green are not the usual fire engine red or xmas tree green..but have an unusual tone. A great rare marble (est mkt value $120) $90

AKRO: A VERY RARE COLOR SCHEME! 9/16+". FINE condition with approx 6 micro pin pricks and very minor surface wear and two fine small scratches, seen under a glass. You probably will not see this color combination again. (SOLD) $40

AKRO: A RARE COLOR SCHEME! 5/8". EXTRA FINE condition with one mirco pin prick and a sub surface moon/fracture of 1/8" under a glass. To the eye you can barely make out a small sub surface moon. A rare example. $40

AKRO SHOOTER: - FINE condition with a couple of pin pricks, a flea bit and a couple of surface moons. 23/32" A very rare color scheme!(est mkt value $90) (SOLD)($75)

AKRO "ROYAL": 21/32+" MINT-minus with a couple of pin pricks and fine scratch. Has two "as made" roll marks. This marble may have been dug at the Akro site. (est mkt value $90) (SOLD) $75

AKRO SHOOTER: NFS! Had to show you this one. It's one of the most sexy marbles I've ever seen or had. The photo does not capture the amazing orange and green tones which - together - are electric. It was discovered in a can of marbles that included 15 mint oxblood shooters, including 4 blues, and all the colors and sizes of the marbles that glow.

AKRO "POPEYE" SHOOTER: (just under 23/32nds) MINT-minus with one pin prick. A classic Popeye beauty (est mkt value $85) (SOLD)($70)

AKRO(?) SHOOTER: MINT - VERY UNUSUAL & rare color scheme in salmon and blue @ 3/4". The salmon has an electric quality and is much more vibrant than the photos. I have never seen another one like it. (est. market value $65) (SOLD) $50

AKRO "SPECIAL" SHOOTER: 3/4". MINT-minus with two micro pin pricks and a small amount of very light surface wear under a glass. (est mkt value $80) (SOLD)($65)

AKRO SHOOTER: MINT-minus/fine with 2 micro pin pricks & one small "as made" moon - or - dimple. 23/32" (est mkt value $85) $70

AKRO(?) SHOOTER: This great piece appears to be a cork that didn't cork much and could appear to be a patch. The other question is - is this a more transparent oxblood? CONDITION: minor surface wear, two moons, 2-3 pin pricks. A great colorscheme! (est mkt value $85) $70

AKRO(?) SHOOTER: This color scheme is extremely unusual! and appears metallic. a few pin pricks, one flea bite and "as made" anealing cracks in one area. Some fine surface wear. 23/23" Is this a translucent oxblood? The jury is out. (est mkt value $45) (SOLD) $40

AKRO: FINE cond. with 4 pin pricks. Great colors and blending. (est mkt value $45) (SOLD) $30

AKRO: MINT with one "as made" roll mark. 21/32" (est mkt value $35) (SOLD)($40)