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As one who has loved fast passes, for their pleasing appearance, diversity of styles, and the history of the pass as it relates to travel by bus or (my favorite) streetcar, I understood the feelings of commuters who were posting nostalgiac references to the old colorful passes which have been discontinued between 2011 and April of 2014. With a huge archive of passes and one complete collection, I decided to put the entire collection of A passes and many unusual and seldom seen items online, for everyone's enjoyment. I knew it would be a big job, and it was with several months of scanning, color correction, site layouts, image creation and code. And it's still a work-in-progress.

This site is here for your enjoyment, which means to be viewed and sharred with friends and the greater community.

Personal use of images/content: You can download up to 24 images of passes or photographs to share via email or to post on a social networking site. You can post another 24 different images on a different social networking site, but no more than 24 per site. If you want people to see a more comprehensive array of fast passes - please just refer them back to this site.

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Attribution: When you use images from this site, credit me and post a link to this site when possible
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questions: If you have questions about the use of content from this site, email me at jkuzich (AT), and I will be happy to reply and assist you.

- John Kuzich - 2014

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