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Market Street Railway

photo of
an F-line streetcar

Learn all about Market Street Railway MSR is the nonprofit preservation partner of the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni), the city agency that owns and operates San Francisco's transit system, including its famous historic fleet of streetcars and cable cars. MSR is committed to preserving historic transit in San Francisco, and helps Muni acquire, restore, and service vintage cars. The site is packed with information and will also direct you to the MSR store and museum which is located on the F-Line near the Embarcadero. If you love those vintage street cars, you may want to become a member and volunteer!

Muni ( SFMTA )

photo of Muni bus + link

You will enjoy the The Muni ( SFMTA ) website Learn how to best get around San Francisco with the Muni trip planner, and get info on other modes of transportation - from bicycling, taxis, and car sharing. There's parking info, Muni history, information on the new Central Subway Project, and much more.

Muni Diaries

photo of Muni Diaries logo + link

You will enjoy the Muni Diaries website Here's a popular place to share transit stories and more! There's always something interesting on this site.

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