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who's john kuzich?

John Kuzich moved to San Francisco in 1969, where he joined the design and art community. During his 30 year career as a noted graphic designer, he served a wide range of Bay Area clients, consisting of small entrepreneurs to such companies as Chevron, Bank of America, Del Monte, The Christian Brothers, The San Francisco Symphony and many others. Over the years, he has taken off time to produce two major bodies of fine art which have been exhibited in various settings. During the late 80's, he created a series of sixty motivational poster prints and inspirational writings which now hang in homes throughout the U.S. and Europe. He also taught Graphic Design at The Academy of Art and Illustration at San Francisco City College.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, where he and his parents lived with his Russian grandparents, John was born on Russian Easter morning. A love of art must have come from his father Max, who has been described as a gifted young artist. As a young father, Max was unable to pursue a career in art. In 1960, as a senior at Lee M. Thurston High School, John won top honors at both the Regional Michigan and the National Scholastic Art Awards competition held at the Chrysler Salon in New York City. The scholarship to Pratt was turned down, and later he gained scholarships to the Art Society of Arts and Crafts and the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

John also enjoys a life long passion for architecture and during the 70's and 80's he traveled to Barcelona ( to experience the work of Antonio Gaudi ), England, Paris and Russia, where he added much to his love of shape and form, texture and decoration, and combinations of metal work, tiles and glass. Strong influences from this passion are easily seen in the first 15 works from his "Trust" series of assemblages.

Now retired, John is dedicated to his fine art. His work has been exhibited in venues throughout the Bay Area and he has won numerous awards including a SECA Award nomination via the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He also designs and produces websites for creative people and small businesses, to pay for his artistic pursuits.

The Muni Fast Pass Project is his most ambitious work in progress from his current series called"Trust," which began in 2001.

"My art is intended to expand the viewer's ability to see the extra-ordinary in what we may think of as ordinary objects and materials. It also creates an opportunity for personal reflection as a result of my artist statement and the titles I choose."


art has the ability to deepen our understanding...


All of my art is a reflection of my impression of life as Controlled Chaos. The work from 2004 to present is also grounded in the Psychology Of The Human Experience.

Controlled Chaos explores the relationship between order and chaos - and our need to create mental and physical routines, structures, and systems which help us counter the mysterious, unpredictable, and chaotic nature of the human experience.

The duality of our nature, the facade which masks complex inner realities, and the awakening to the spiritual fabric of life and our own spiritual self, consititute my current focus. The discovery of our spiritual self and conceptual pieces formed around the psychology of the human experience - form two distinctly different bodies of work. One more intuitive - the other more concept based; and appropriate since we all live our life by utilizing both intuition and planning - the result of our right and left brain capabliities.


As a mixed media artist working primarily in collage and assemblage, I work, primarily, with materials and objects that are common to our collective experience. I find it interesting to take such "ordinary" materials and objects and to transform them into something extraordinary, where the result is a work of art with lasting graphic integrity and a conceptual core.

--  John Kuzich, April 2009