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"A Book About Death Exhibition" - Museu Brasileiro da Escultura - Feb 3 - Mar 28, 2010 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to contribute to this unique project. It was a chance to break from my usual work and develop conceptual visuals on the theme. Approximately 200 artists from around the world took part in this new chapter in the exhibition of "A Book About Death".

Much more information, including photos and a video can be found on participating artist Mary Bogdan's website.

Collage titled "Married - Divorced"

Collage titled "Goodby"

Collage titled "Variety Is The Spice Of Life"

Collage titled "Yearbook"

Collage titled "Target"

Collage titled "When Jesus Comes"

Collage titled "The Black Glove Of Death"

Collage titled "Coffin Nails"