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"WHAT!?" Exhibition - Andrea Schwartz Gallery - August, 2010 - San Francisco

A dog entrancedThoughtful viewers

The most interesting and humorous story to come out of this exhibit with its eclectic mix of styles and artists, is the story of "Tank" the gallerie's golden retreiver. My art piece with all the balls ( which took a year to collect ), contained a number of real doggie balls. You know how dogs love balls. Well, when the art was delivered to the gallery and proped against the wall, Tank came over immediately - with more than casual interest, thinking, sniffing, debating what to and straining against his natural inlinations. Tank knows the gallery rules. Finally Tank resigned himself to being near the art and curled up in front of it. Later when the art was placed on the wall, Tank ran into the back and came out with his own ball which he dropped in front of the art. In this photo, Tank is stairing at the green doggie ball to the left.

ESCAPE in a crowd

Here is "Escape" in a crowd. To learn more about Escape
Escape being examined

My two pieces on a wall

Meal Toys art

Here is "Happy Meal." To learn more about Happy Meal