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de Young Artist-In-Residence - August 5th - 30th, 2009

Last August I was awarded an Artist-In-Residence at the de Young. My August 2009 residency will run from August 5th through the 30th in the Kimball Gallery and will feature a free-to-the-public mixed media workshop called IMAGINATION. This workshop features five unique projects that are based on the diverse collections and exhibitions of the de Young. Supporting the workshop will be an exhibit of my mixed media art which will include my "Fast Pass" installation.

Some projects are quite simple and perfect for small children, some will require adult supervision and several are more sophisticated and appropriate for adults/ art students who want to take on a project that will require an extended period of time.

Imagination Projects

Image of the Egypt project

Project #1: King Tut/Egypt "Stone Rubbings".

Participants will create "stone rubbings" off of linoleum blocks. The rubbings will be created by using oil crayons in a wide range of colors. We will be working from with 12 unique and important designs which are common to Egyptian burial sites and decorative objects. In addition to being artistic, this project is educational as well for there is a description of the meaning of each symbol attached to the mounted linoleum block.

This project was inspired by the King Tutankhamun exhibition which will be at the de Young from June 27 through March 28th, 2010.

Image of the Africa/Nu Guinea mask project

Project #2: Africa Nu Guinea Mask Collage:

Participants will cut out and incorporate prints of 4 different Africa/Nu Guinea masks ( from the de Young's collection ) with various exotic papers and the addition of such decorative elements as beads and shells. The idea is to capture the feeling of the natural world that these unique cultures inhabit.

Image of the Africa/Nu Guinea mask project

Image of the Thiebaud gumball collage project

Project #3: Wayne Theibaud Gumball Collage:

Participants will create a collage by working on linoleum prints on unique and decorative papers. The design is a takeoff of the de Young's famous Wayne Theibaud painting of three gumball machines. There will be a variety of things to collage into and around the gumball machine.

Image of the Louise Nevilson assemblage project

Project #4: Louise Nevelson Assemblage:

Participants will have the opportunity to create an assemblage in the style of Louise Nevelson by using various pieces of recycled wood. We will add the element of a more broad range of colors than were typically used by Nevelson. The de Young presented a major retrospective of Nevelson's work in 2007-08 which was titled "Louise Nevelson: Constructing a Legend."

Louise Nevelson-style assemblageLouise Nevelson-style assemblage

Image of the Americas stone rubbing project

Project #5: Americas "Stone Rubbings":

Participants will be creating stone rubbings of Aztec/Inca design motifs using three different linoleum block designs. We will be using two distinctly different rubbing techniques. One technique will be to use oil crayons. This is fairly fast and allows us to work in many colors. The other will be to do the rubbings in the technique used by archeologists which is to use black graphite on rice paper and working slowly and carefully to get a good impression. The de Young has a huge stone rubbing which is displayed in their Americas collection. Take a look at it before coming to the workshop.