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"Above & Below The Surface" - November 16th, - January 17, 2009 Presented by Gallery 645 @ Michael Thompson Framing

Show invitation

"In this show of work by Flora Davis and John Kuzich, the viewer is immersed into world of rich, opulent, and often-tactile surfaces, the result of two different creative processes.

FLORA DAVIS, working like a Zen alchemist, creates her own patined surfaces by applying an eclectic mix of chemicals and compounds to copper, brass, aluminum, and steel. Through multiple applications she achieves an amazing range of patterns, textures, and colors. These are then cut up and applied to geometric box shapes. Involved in Buddhist mindfulness meditation, Davis works intuitively and sees her work as surface oriented.

JOHN KUZICH, a true mixed media artist and classic hunter gatherer, finds his materials and meticulously shapes them into meaningful concepts centered on the psychology of the human experience. His art-making approach reflects the way he lives life, relying on a combination of conceptual and intuitive sensibilities. Kuzich sees his work as content rich below the surface.

In the work of both artists a common theme emerges; the relationship between order and chaos, which Davis and Kuzich regard as central and necessary life forces, which while at odds with one another, shape our experience."

crowd viewing the art

viewing the artthe crowd hangs around the food table

viewing the artLee Stills and Flora Davis

viewing the artArt by Flora Davis
Two examples of work by Flora Davis

John Kuzich viewing his Fast Pass assemblage

Lee working with a client before the show
A view of some of Kuzich's assemblage work.