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"Recollections" - November 16th, - January 17, 2009 @ Market Street Gallery

The Recollections exhibit was a celebration and fund raising for the most popular Bay Area spot to find recycled art-making materials. SCRAP. Artists were invited to submit up to three works of art for consideration and I was fortunate to have all three chosen for the show. The quality and variety of work was excellent. One of my favorites was the bottle cap dress shown below.

The artist's reception was packed! The auction event which came later in the month had a good turnout also and we were treated to guitar music and a unique form of belly dancing. The auction proved successful and my one donated piece sold.

The crowd spilling out into the street in front of Market Street Gallery during the artist's recption.

The gallery was full of animated people

Gallery goers viewing my work titled "So Crushed"

This is what every work of art lives for - to be seen. Here my piece in crushed aluminum and titled "So Crushed" - basks in the gaze of gallery-goers.

The "Bottle Cap Dress" in the window of the galleryThe gallery cat takes over the guitar player's stool

The bottle cap dress titled "Ode to Monet" by Remi Rubel, and - of course - the cat who owns the gallery and the guitar player's stool

John Kuzich and Reddi LeibJohn Kuzich and Jennifer the show's organizer

View of the gallery and some of the dimemsional works

Two of my other pieces on display

My other two works ( L-R ) "Area 2" and "Perishable"

The belly dancer sways through the crowdThe belly dancer in focus!

Show announcement